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Professional Carers Network
Maria Tomlinson

Welcome to Professional Carers Network

Helping you be everyone's favourite self employed carer!

We help paid carers make receiving care at home amazing for both the people who need care AND for the carers delivering it through our membership which supports, educates and elevates self employed carers!

Our mission is to improve care for all, so not only the people receiving care but for the people delivering care too!

After establishing our own thriving business as self employed carers, we see first hand how high quality bespoke care delivered to people in their own homes can be life changing for not only the people that are receiving care, but for their families, friends and personally for us as the carers too.

We are here to help other people become self employed carers and help them create a thriving business so they can experience working in a care model that allows for great pay, better hours, better conditions and true job satisfaction every day.  And we will continue to champion them throughout their career by providing insurance, support, business help, ongoing training, discounts and much more!

 What is a Self Employed Professional Carer?

A self employed professional carer is a person who is working for themselves delivering care services to people in their community.  You can work on your own or work alongside a colleague or two, creating a micro care company.  You deliver a service that is bespoke to each individual and caters to their wishes, not just their needs.  

You can be the difference in helping someone fulfil their dreams of staying in their own home instead of having to live in a care home.  You can be the difference between helping someone with a disability live a full and active life, rather than not being able to access the community.  You can be the difference in letting daughters and sons be daughters and sons again, rather than their parents' carers, helping to restore happy relationships. 

By becoming a self employed professional carer, you are the difference in helping someone live a happy and healthy life.  And that, is truly a magical skill set. 

In our society, the value of carers can often be over looked.  Lots of carers work long hours for low pay delivering an overstretched service.  Ironically leaving them little time to actually build relationships and truly care for the people they support.  When people enter the care sector, they enter to help, but often leave for better jobs feeling frustrated with caring or actually, the lack of caring. 

Here at the Professional Carers Network, we have found a way to deliver care that works.  A way to deliver care that meets not just the needs of people who need support, but fulfil their wishes too.  A way to build relationships and improve the quality of their life.

But crucially, a way for carers to feel truly valued too.  We believe that caring for people is a career that you should strive to enter.  Helping people's mums, dads, grandparents, daughters, sons to be able to live a full and happy life, is a calling that should be answered by people who have a kind and caring heart.  


Our Mission  

Our mission at the Professional Carers Network is to build a network of self employed carers all across the UK, who strive to deliver high quality bespoke care services to their local community improving care for the people who use services and for the people that deliver those services too.  

We help carers to realise their true value and reach their potential by becoming a self employed professional carer.  We are passionate about this for two reasons: 

1. For the people who need care

By developing and encouraging people to become a self employed carer, means that people who need care have more choice in what care they receive and who and how they receive it.  


There are so so many great carers out there, who are confined to the job role their care company pays them for.  Care companies are stretched and resources are limited which impacts on the quality of care a person can give.  By stepping out and becoming a self employed carer,  you are able to be your own boss, take control and do your role how it should be done.  


You will have time to build relationships, take people out, have a chat, walk their dog, whatever bespoke service that person truly needs can be done.  Rather than just sticking to the essential needs and doing the bare basics of care.  Encouraging people to become a self employed carer, means that we can improve the quality of care and choice people are receiving as carers are able to deliver a truly person-centred service. 

2. For the people delivering care

Yes that means you!  The people working on the ground, face to face with vulnerable people.  We are passionate about raising the profile of carers and making it a career choice for people. We firmly believe care should be seen as a career to aim for and not one you enter because you can't do anything else.  


 We want to build a network of dedicated people who passionately care about what they do.  There are so many high quality carers out there whose skills and talents are being over looked.  We want to show you how you can turn your caring nature into a profitable business that not only pays well, but allows you to have the freedom and satisfaction of being your own boss.  Imagine going to work and enjoying every moment and finishing your day feeling satisfied.  Feeling that you have made a difference in the world.  This is what entering a career of care can do for you. 

Why You Should Join Us

Become part of the fastest growing network of self employed carers!

 You will be able to link up with other local carers so that you can share local knowledge and make nearby friends.  As well as find support and friendship from other like minded carers all across the UK, each there to cheer you on and share stories and experience. 

You will have your self employed carers insurance included in your membership, you have to have insurance, so it's like everything else is a very big bonus!

You will be able to access training to improve your business skills as well as training to keep you up to date with all your care knowledge. 

Access to our Business Success Stages so you can action each step and set up your business safely, confidently and professionally. 

With other benefits such as the opportunity to apply for an Enhanced DBS, access to exclusive member discounts and a printed ID badge to allow you to use it as proof that you are a carer. 

Advertise your care business on our members only Find A Carer map so people looking for a carer in your area can contact you directly! 

Join our organisation and know you are taking steps to improve care for not just the people receiving care, but for the people delivering care too!  

A Big Thanks

Thank you to all the people that have supported us along the way, and a particular big thanks to all our founding members, who believed in our community over competition approach and have made the Professional Carers Network a fabulous place to be part of!

Join Us Today!

Click the link to the subscription plan below.  It only costs £19.99 per month!

 (fyi: The cost of your membership is paid for in less than 1 hours work that month!  Because we will show you how to charge your worth and remember you are now self employed, so there is no paying the middle man!  And your membership can be included in your tax deductible expenses! Surely that is a no brainer!  I'll see you in there!)